Software Developer and Cyber Security Penetration Tester

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Social networking application that enables users to easily arrange meetings with existing friends and make new friends using Facebook account and GPS location.

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About Me


Currently living and studying in North Carolina.


Passion for programming started from a very young age. It began with Pascal and moved further with to html,css,php...

Cyber Forensics

In 2015 I began officially studying cyber forensics which was transition from hobby to minor



Maintaining Ubuntu and CentOS Servers


Experienced with Photoshop from the CS4 version and onward

Robotic Development

For three years I was developing in LabView for Spirit Of United Neretva Robotic Team

Ubuntu & Kali User

Skill Box

  • 2015 – present / Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
    2015 – present / Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Social networking application created with the mutual collaboration of Spark Technology Park and the newly founded startup CoffeeTime.
    Developing REST API in PHP and chat platform in Node.js
    Installed, configured, and still maintaining dedicated Ubuntu LAMP server
    Pen-testing security of server and secure API calls with custom token authorization
    Maintaining project documentation
  • 2014 / Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Startup Weekend Powered by Google
    2014 / Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Winner of the first Startup weekend powered by Google in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with the most innovative idea of creating a new social app CoffeeTime.
    Developed PHP backend for JSON responses in two days time limit
    Developed web interface using HTML, CSS, and small amount of Jquery scripts
    Designed user interface for Android Application
    Team CoTime Winner 1st Startup Weekend
  • 2014 / Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
    IceBerg Private Social Network
    2014 / Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
    In co - operation with Spark Technology Park as co - founder and main developer of startup company "Adasoft"
  • 2010 – 2013 / Bosnia and Herzegovina And Israel
    FIRST Robotics
    2010 – 2013 / Bosnia and Herzegovina And Israel
    Main software developer and chief electrician for the team “Spirit of United Neretva” during the international robotics competition F.I.R.S.T. (For Inspirational and Recognition of Science and Technology)
    Developed non-autonomous control system on cRIO-FRC Integrated Intelligent Real-Time Controller for FIRST Robotics Competition
    Provided electrical solutions for connection of cRIO-FRC with other modules
PHP, SQL, HTML, CSS , C++, Java, VB.Net, Assembly, LabView
Android SDK, Slim, Bootstrap
Adobe Photoshop, EnCase, Autopsy, FTK Imager
Linux ( Ubuntu, Kali ), Windows, Android, LAMP
  • Most notable projects in my six year experience
    CoffeeTime - Android Social Application - Present
    IceBerg - Social Network (private project) - 2014
    DavaCMS - Content management system for small businesses –2011
    Java / Android SDK
    Slotovi - Slot Machine Game (unpublished) – 2015
    FinBox - Personal Finance Application – 2016
    FIRST Robotics at team Spirit of the United Neretva - 2010 to 2013
    NullBSS - Bulletin board system (Project for final exam) – 2016

    Research Work

    • 2017
      Data Security and Encryption of Web Based Application
      Cyber Security and Privacy are very sensitive topics that attract more and more attention. Installing the latest updates will provide temporary protection, but what remains vulnerable are the underlying layers on which the system application is based and which some developers ignore. The reason why some developers do not work on such flaws is the software development costs, or simply lack of interest in exploring the architecture on which the software will be installed. The consequences of not having security based applications is a loss of data and leaking of private information. Using third-party libraries in specific software will speed up the developing process and reduce costs, but it can significantly impede security if a particular library is poorly written or contains a back-door to enter the application. Based upon the aforementioned discussion, the use of encryption to protect data does not guarantee data security, which is the point of this research. The primary goal was to develop a custom written application for a cosmetic surgery clinic in an isolated environment which will minimize the possibility of security breaches.
      Campbell University, Buies Creek, NC (SNCURCS)
    • 2017
      Presented DevTracker - Software That Improves Overall Developer’s Productivity
      Procrastination and focusing on non-productive activities is one of the main problems for software developers. To improve overall productivity it is required to organize and use time more effectively. As an example, at the end of the day, freelance developers would like to know how much of their time they spent programming and how much of their attention went to social media. A solution for this is a background running, low-memory consuming software that would keep track of how much each of the processes has used, and how much programming time a specific programmer has used in a day. Besides detailed analysis, the software would synchronize the programmer’s comments from source code such as “TODO,” “BUG,” and “PATCH” and categorize them on a task list providing better organization and a better look into overall software development.
      Sixth Annual Undergraduate Research and Creativity Symposium
    • 2016
      Presented CoffeeTime Android Social Application
      Coffee Time is an Android social application for younger people which helps with finding people interested in a certain type of event much easier, as well as with the very organization process. It enables users to easily arrange meetings with existing friends, and even make new friends with people nearby. The application implements Facebook login and GPS service for quick setup and intelligent results. Everything the user has to do is mark people from a highly customizable and filterable list, define the time and place and optionally provide a short description of the activity. The application also includes a fun Roulette-esque mini game that can be used for stuff like determining who's paying for the drinks. In short, the application aims to provide a super fast, simple and smart organization of different events at a fixed time and place, as well as to match up people with similar interests who live or happen to be nearby, which makes it rather different than other services provides by popular social networking application. Considering the technology I quickly realized how demanding and important it is today to maintain a 24/7 working server and to keep user's info secure and that it's imperative today to keep up to date with the latest technologies and trends.
      North Carolina Central University (SNCURCS)

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